Covid-19 Vaccination Support Services

Cross-Channel Appointment Management.

Vaccination Support Services

Elements of Patient Appointment

Nurses happy to use Covid-19 vaccination support software

Allows patient to signup from anywhere, including phone, online or a kiosk, through our HIPAA compliant solutions and choose their own time slot.

By adding bookings to your waitlist before they are scheduled, allows ethosIQ to keep the waiting process manageable to the public and assist with reporting requirements to the government.

No more checking multiple applications for appointments.

Patients receive an SMS or email with details about their visit and a link to track their place in line. Our solutions automatically remind guests of their upcoming visit or a change in wait time.

Show a customizable public waitlist on a TV monitor or internet-powered device.

Quickly see wait times broken down by staff members or services provided to patients with accurate estimates. Ability to see how long each guest has waited, what service they need, and have they visited before.

Send text messages or emails before, during, and after the waiting process keeping your guests updated with where they are on the waiting list.

Guests can respond to any of your messages, and you;’ll see their response directly in your dashboard to answer them. Patients can easily just reply “cancel” to leave the line or change when they’ll arrive.

Allowing patients to wait comfortably from their home/car/office will significantly cut down on traffic and time spent in providers offices.

Send a personalized thank you message to make your guests feel appreciated and gather feedback automatically, which improves your guest experience.

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