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See our simple booking procedure and example waitlist.

Step 1

Send Customer Communication

We'll send a message to customers referencing vaccine and how to book an appointment. Messages can be sent as a link in an email or via SMS.

Doctor Scheduling Appointments for Covid-19 Vaccinations
Man receiving SMS for Covid-19 Vaccination Reminder
Step 2

Customer Receives Message

Customer reads the message and can click on the link to book the appointment.
Step 3

Customer Selects Date & Time

If you have multiple locations, the customer will first select the desired location and then select the desired date and time for their appointment.
Scheduling Software for Covid-19 Vaccination Appointments
Woman Receiving Appointment Reminder for Covid 19 Vaccination
Step 4

Customer Receives Confirmations & Reminders

After booking an appointment, the customer will receive a confirmation email or SMS with a link to their booking detail and a reminder 24 hours before the appointment.

After the appointment, the customer can receive a notification with follow-up information and scheduling for their 2nd dose.

Patients awaiting Covid 19 Vaccination

Next in Line:

Linda Owens 1:00 pm
Jerry Burton 1:15 pm

Waitlist Display

Show a customizable public waitlist on any TV monitor or internet-powered device. We'll provide a link for your patients to view your waitlist from anywhere.

Analytics You'll Use

Find the problems in your current system and streamline them with ours.

Get statistics about your pharmacy that matter like:

  • When is the pharmacy busiest
  • What are the most popular services
  • What is keeping the pharmacy wait times low
Doctor managing Covid-19 Vaccination Appointments
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